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worm reducer

Worm gear reducer gearbox

A worm gear reducer gearbox is a gear reducer gearbox that uses a worm gear train to reduce the required force. Unlike traditional gear reducer gearboxes, these units are small and require low horsepower ratings. This reduces their efficiency, but their low cost and compact design help make up for this shortcoming. However, these gear reducer gearboxes have some drawbacks, including their tendency to lock up when reversing.

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm reducer gearboxes are ideal for applications where high performance, repeatability, and accuracy are critical. It consists of an input hypoid gear and an output hypoid bevel gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm, so for every revolution of the input worm, the output gear makes one revolution. This arrangement reduces friction (another source of energy loss) in a high-efficiency worm gear to at least two arc minutes.
Compared with worm gear reducer gearboxes, hypoid gearmotors offer several advantages, including lower operating costs and higher efficiency. For example, hypoid gear motors can transmit more torque even at high reduction ratios. Also, they are more efficient than worm gear reducer gearboxes, which means they can produce the same output with a smaller motor.
In recent years, the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes has been dramatically improved. Manufacturers have made great strides in materials, design, and manufacturing. New designs, including dual-enveloping worm gear reducer gearboxes, increase efficiency by 3 to 8 percent. These improvements were made possible through countless hours of testing and development. Worm gear reducer gearboxes also offer lower initial costs and higher overload capability than competing systems.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are popular because they provide maximum reduction in a small package. Their compact size makes them ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications and they are reticent. They also offer higher torque output and better shock load tolerance. Finally, they are an economical option to reduce the device’s power requirements.

low noise

Low-noise worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to reduce noise in industrial applications. This type of reducer gearbox uses fewer bearings and can work in various mounting positions. Typically, a worm reducer gearbox is a single-stage unit with only one shaft and one gear. Since there is only one gear, the noise level of the worm gear reducer gearbox will be lower than other types.
A worm gear reducer gearbox can be integrated into the electric power steering system to reduce noise. Worm reducer gearboxes can be made and from many different materials. The following three-stage process will explain the components of a low-noise worm reducer gearbox.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be mounted at a 90-degree angle to the input worm shaft and are available with various types of hollow or solid output shafts. These reducer gearboxes are especially beneficial for applications where noise reduction is essential. They also have fewer parts and are smaller than other types of reducer gearboxes, making them easier to install.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available from various manufacturers. Due to their widespread availability, gear manufacturers maintain extensive inventories of these reducer gearboxes. The worm gear ratio is standard, and the size of the worm gear reducer gearbox is universal. Also, worm gear reducer gearboxes do not need to be sized for a specific purpose, unlike other load interruptions.
worm reducer


A worm gear reducer gearbox is a transmission mechanism with a compact structure, large transmission ratio, and self-locking function under certain conditions. The worm gear reducer gearbox series products are designed with American technology and have the characteristics of stable transmission, strong bearing capacity, low noise, and compact structure. In addition, these products can provide a wide range of power supplies. However, these worm reducer gearboxes are prone to leaks, usually caused by design flaws.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in single-stage and double-stage. The first type consists of an oil tank that houses the worm gear and bearings. The second type uses a worm gear with a sleeve for the first worm gear.
When choosing a gear reducer gearbox, it is essential to choose a high-quality unit. Improper gear selection can cause rapid wear of the worm gear. While worm gear reducer gearboxes are generally durable, their degree of wear depends on the selection and operating conditions. For example, overuse, improper assembly, or working in extreme conditions can lead to rapid wear.
Worm reducer gearboxes reduce speed and torque. Worm gears can be used to reduce the speed of rotating machines or inertial systems. Worm gears are a type of bevel gear, and their meshing surfaces have great sliding force. Because of this, worm gears can carry more weight than spur gears. They are also harder to manufacture. However, the high-quality design of the worm gear makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and high-speed rotation.
Worm gears can be manufactured using three types of gears. For large reduction ratios, the input and output gears are irreversible. However, the worm reducer gearbox can be constructed with multiple helices. The multi-start worm drive also minimizes braking effects.

Self-locking function

The worm reducer gearbox is self-locking to prevent the load from being driven back to the ground. The self-locking function is achieved by a worm that meshes with the rack and pinion. When the load reaches the highest position, the reverse signal is disabled. The non-locking subsystem back-drives the load to its original position, while the self-locking subsystem remains in its uppermost position.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox is a valuable mechanical feature. It helps prevent backing and saves the cost of the braking system. Additionally, self-locking worm gears can be used to lift and hold loads.
The self-locking worm gear reducer gearbox prevents the drive shaft from driving backward. It works with the axial force of the worm gear. A worm reducer gearbox with a self-locking function is a very efficient machine tool.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be made with two or four teeth. Single-ended worms have a single-tooth design, while double-ended worms have two threads on the cylindrical gear. A multi-boot worm can have up to four boots. Worm reducer gearboxes can use a variety of gear ratios, but the main advantage is their compact design. It has a larger load capacity than a cross-shaft helical gear mechanism.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox can also be used for gear sets that are not necessarily parallel to the shaft. It also prevents backward travel and allows forward travel. The self-locking function is achieved by a ratchet cam arranged around the gear member. It also enables selective coupling and decoupling between gear members.
worm reducer

high gear ratio

Worm reducer gearboxes are an easy and inexpensive way to increase gear ratios. These units consist of two worm gears – an input worm gear and an output worm gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm gear, which also rotates perpendicular to itself. For example, a 5:1 worm gearbox requires 5 revolutions per worm gear, while a 60:1 worm gearbox requires 60 revolutions. However, this arrangement is prone to inefficiency since the worm gear experiences only sliding friction, not rolling friction.
High-reduction applications require many input revolutions to rotate the output gear. Conversely, low input speed applications suffer from the same friction issues, albeit with a different amount of friction. Worms that spin at low speeds require more energy to maintain their movement. Worm reducer gearboxes can be used in many types of systems, but only some are suitable for high-speed applications.
Worm gears are challenging to produce, but the envelope design is the best choice for applications requiring high precision, high efficiency, and minimal backlash. Envelope design involves modifying gear teeth and worm threads to improve surface contact. However, this type of worm gear is more expensive to manufacture.
Worm gear motors have lower initial meshing ratios than hypoid gear motors, which allows the use of smaller motors. So a 1 hp worm motor can achieve the same output as a 1/2 hp motor. A study by Agknx compared two different types of geared motors, comparing their power, torque, and gear ratio. The results show that the 1/2 HP hypoid gear motor is more efficient than the worm gear motor despite the same output.
Another advantage of the worm gear reducer gearbox is the low initial cost and high efficiency. It offers high ratios and high torque in a small package, making it ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications. Worm gear reducer gearboxes are also more shock-resistant.
China 10 Ton Ball Screw Jack, JTB-10T Mechanical worm gear ball screw jack     with Best Sales China 10 Ton Ball Screw Jack, JTB-10T Mechanical worm gear ball screw jack     with Best Sales
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How to Choose the Right Worm Shaft

You might be curious to know how to choose the right Worm Shaft. In this article, you will learn about worm modules with the same pitch diameter, Double-thread worm gears, and Self-locking worm drive. Once you have chosen the proper Worm Shaft, you will find it easier to use the equipment in your home. There are many advantages to selecting the right Worm Shaft. Read on to learn more.
worm shaft

Concave shape

The concave shape of a worm’s shaft is an important characteristic for the design of a worm gearing. Worm gearings can be found in a wide range of shapes, and the basic profile parameters are available in professional and firm literature. These parameters are used in geometry calculations, and a selection of the right worm gearing for a particular application can be based on these requirements.
The thread profile of a worm is defined by the tangent to the axis of its main cylinder. The teeth are shaped in a straight line with a slightly concave shape along the sides. It resembles a helical gear, and the profile of the worm itself is straight. This type of gearing is often used when the number of teeth is greater than a certain limit.
The geometry of a worm gear depends on the type and manufacturer. In the earliest days, worms were made similar to simple screw threads, and could be chased on a lathe. During this time, the worm was often made with straight-sided tools to produce threads in the acme plane. Later, grinding techniques improved the thread finish and reduced distortions resulting from hardening.
When a worm gearing has multiple teeth, the pitch angle is a key parameter. A greater pitch angle increases efficiency. If you want to increase the pitch angle without increasing the number of teeth, you can replace a worm pair with a different number of thread starts. The helix angle must increase while the center distance remains constant. A higher pitch angle, however, is almost never used for power transmissions.
The minimum number of gear teeth depends on the angle of pressure at zero gearing correction. The diameter of the worm is d1, and is based on a known module value, mx or mn. Generally, larger values of m are assigned to larger modules. And a smaller number of teeth is called a low pitch angle. In case of a low pitch angle, spiral gearing is used. The pitch angle of the worm gear is smaller than 10 degrees.
worm shaft

Multiple-thread worms

Multi-thread worms can be divided into sets of one, two, or four threads. The ratio is determined by the number of threads on each set and the number of teeth on the apparatus. The most common worm thread counts are 1,2,4, and 6. To find out how many threads you have, count the start and end of each thread and divide by two. Using this method, you will get the correct thread count every time.
The tangent plane of a worm’s pitch profile changes as the worm moves lengthwise along the thread. The lead angle is greatest at the throat, and decreases on both sides. The curvature radius r” varies proportionally with the worm’s radius, or pitch angle at the considered point. Hence, the worm leads angle, r, is increased with decreased inclination and decreases with increasing inclination.
Multi-thread worms are characterized by a constant leverage between the gear surface and the worm threads. The ratio of worm-tooth surfaces to the worm’s length varies, which enables the wormgear to be adjusted in the same direction. To optimize the gear contact between the worm and gear, the tangent relationship between the two surfaces is optimal.
The efficiency of worm gear drives is largely dependent on the helix angle of the worm. Multiple thread worms can improve the efficiency of the worm gear drive by as much as 25 to 50% compared to single-thread worms. Worm gears are made of bronze, which reduces friction and heat on the worm’s teeth. A specialized machine can cut the worm gears for maximum efficiency.

Double-thread worm gears

In many different applications, worm gears are used to drive a worm wheel. These gears are unique in that the worm cannot be reversed by the power applied to the worm wheel. Because of their self-locking properties, they can be used to prevent reversing motion, although this is not a dependable function. Applications for worm gears include hoisting equipment, elevators, chain blocks, fishing reels, and automotive power steering. Because of their compact size, these gears are often used in applications with limited space.
Worm sets typically exhibit more wear than other types of gears, and this means that they require more limited contact patterns in new parts. Worm wheel teeth are concave, making it difficult to measure tooth thickness with pins, balls, and gear tooth calipers. To measure tooth thickness, however, you can measure backlash, a measurement of the spacing between teeth in a gear. Backlash can vary from one worm gear to another, so it is important to check the backlash at several points. If the backlash is different in two places, this indicates that the teeth may have different spacing.
Single-thread worm gears provide high speed reduction but lower efficiency. A multi-thread worm gear can provide high efficiency and high speed, but this comes with a trade-off in terms of horsepower. However, there are many other applications for worm gears. In addition to heavy-duty applications, they are often used in light-duty gearboxes for a variety of functions. When used in conjunction with double-thread worms, they allow for a substantial speed reduction in one step.
Stainless-steel worm gears can be used in damp environments. The worm gear is not susceptible to rust and is ideal for wet and damp environments. The worm wheel’s smooth surfaces make cleaning them easy. However, they do require lubricants. The most common lubricant for worm gears is mineral oil. This lubricant is designed to protect the worm drive.
worm shaft

Self-locking worm drive

A self-locking worm drive prevents the platform from moving backward when the motor stops. A dynamic self-locking worm drive is also possible but does not include a holding brake. This type of self-locking worm drive is not susceptible to vibrations, but may rattle if released. In addition, it may require an additional brake to keep the platform from moving. A positive brake may be necessary for safety.
A self-locking worm drive does not allow for the interchangeability of the driven and driving gears. This is unlike spur gear trains that allow both to interchange positions. In a self-locking worm drive, the driving gear is always engaged and the driven gear remains stationary. The drive mechanism locks automatically when the worm is operated in the wrong manner. Several sources of information on self-locking worm gears include the Machinery’s Handbook.
A self-locking worm drive is not difficult to build and has a great mechanical advantage. In fact, the output of a self-locking worm drive cannot be backdriven by the input shaft. DIYers can build a self-locking worm drive by modifying threaded rods and off-the-shelf gears. However, it is easier to make a ratchet and pawl mechanism, and is significantly less expensive. However, it is important to understand that you can only drive one worm at a time.
Another advantage of a self-locking worm drive is the fact that it is not possible to interchange the input and output shafts. This is a major benefit of using such a mechanism, as you can achieve high gear reduction without increasing the size of the gear box. If you’re thinking about buying a self-locking worm gear for a specific application, consider the following tips to make the right choice.
An enveloping worm gear set is best for applications requiring high accuracy and efficiency, and minimum backlash. Its teeth are shaped differently, and the worm’s threads are modified to increase surface contact. They are more expensive to manufacture than their single-start counterparts, but this type is best for applications where accuracy is crucial. The worm drive is also a great option for heavy trucks because of their large size and high-torque capacity.

China Best Sales CNC machining high quality worm gear screw shaft  with Good qualityChina Best Sales CNC machining high quality worm gear screw shaft  with Good quality

China Good quality Screw Air Compressor Parts Gear Wheel Metal Stainless Steel Wheel Gear with Good quality

Solution Description

Hot Sale Screw Air Compressor Areas Gear Wheel 1622311054/1622311053

Spur, Spur
Area of Origin:
ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
Design Quantity:
Customized, Personalized
Brand name Title:
Screw Air Compressor Parts Gear, Stainless Metal, Minimal Carbon Alloy Stee
Product Title:
Screw Air Compressor Parts Equipment
Screw Air Compressor Areas Equipment
equipment wheel
hobbing, milling, forging
Screw Air Compressor ,Market
Steel Spur Equipment
Warmth treatment:
quenching and tempering

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Information:
Packaging Specifics: 
cartons and pallets for bundle, 
or as buyers required 
Shipping Element: 
two-3 functioning times
Shipping Element:
two-3 working days
Merchandise Description
Stainless Metal Screw Air Compressor Areas higher overall performance spur Gear 1621927700 
Material: carbon steel this sort of as C45, 20CrMnTi, 40Cr, 42CrMo or stainless metal or copper or nylon and so on
 –Heat Remedy: Hardening and Tempering, High Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching and so on.
–Good top quality uncooked content, Precision machining, Strict inspection
–Good Use Resistance
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Item Details:
Design Amount:1621927700
Type:Wheel Gear
Utilize For: GA132-160
Bundle Fat:17.000kg  (37.48lb.)
Package deal Dimension:30cm x 30cm x 15cm (11.81in x eleven.81in x 5.91in)
higher strain air compressor element worm maritime gearbox
description of air compressor worm maritime gearbox
air compressor worm marine gearbox assemble on compressor airend, typically, 2 gear as 1 set  , the substitute gear wheel widely employed for compressor airend repair, air compressor overhauling,
air compressor worm maritime gearbox also known as air comrpessor gear motor, air compressor gear box, air compressor wheel gear, air compressor gear wheel
puchase instruction of air compressor worm maritime gearbox
one. air compressor worm marine gearbox materials: stainless stell, one hundred% new
2. air compressor worm maritime gearbox 2pcs in 1set, 1 little gear + 1 even bigger equipment
3. air compressor worm marine gearbox sort: piece sort ( mild) , and shaft sort ( hefty)
four. packing of compressor worm maritime gearbox carton box for gentle equipment wheel. wooden box for hefty equipment
five. compressor worm marine gearbox not sell 1pc separately
6. warranty: our alternative equipment wheel is same purpose as authentic, if assemble no problem, then no top quality dilemma, this compressor gear is no warranty, because most broken triggered by poor assemble way.
air compressor worm marine gearbox, air compressor worm maritime gearbox photo

air compressor worm maritime gearboxfor use, part quantity as under:
162257100/1622057100    16220 0571 /1622005600
1622057100/162257100    16220 0571 =16220 0571 3
1622311067 & 1622311068    162205710/1622004800
1622311571 & 1622311026    1622004900/1622005000
1622311571/1622311571    162205710/1622005200
1622311571/1622311030    162205710/1622005400
1622311033/1622311034    1613817400/1613818000
1622311035/1622311036    1613853700/1613853600
1622004500/1622004600    162257171/1622 0571 30
1622311041/1622311042    1614932200/1614932300
1622311043/1622311044    1614932500/1614932400
1622311045/1622311046    1616641700/1616641800
1622311049/1622311050    1622311031/1622311032
1622311053/1622311054    1257196300/1257196200
1622311063/1622311064    162205710  16220 0571
1614933000/1614933100    1092571949/1092571950
1622311007 / 1622311008    1622003300/1622003400
1622369237/ 1622369238    16139642 T11, 16139643 T11
1614930000/1614935710    1613898000
1614930800/1614930900    1622311065/1622311066
1614931000/1614931100    1622311017/1622311018
1614932400/1614932500    1614931200/1614931300
1614932600/1614932700    1622369241/1622369242
1614933200/1614933300    1613396510/1613396500
1614933600/1614933700    16220 0571 /1622003600
1614933400/ 1614933500    1622 0571 15/1622 0571 sixteen
162257171/1622 0571 71    1613965000/1613965100
1622 0571 71/162257171    1622311055/1622311056
1622057100/1622002600    16138110/1613817400
1622311064/1622311063    16149332/1614933300
1614935710/1614930000    162257100/1622057100
1622311059/1622311060    1622057100/162257100
1622004000/1622003900    162257100/1622003000
1622003900/1622004000    162200430/ 1622004400

air comrpessor worm maritime gearbox packing

Appendix—part no. checklist of our items
2957144800 2957129900 295715710 2901146300 2957121100 2901162200 295715711 2906 0571 00 2957150300 2957150301 29571 0571 2957121200 29060 0571 2906 0571 00 2957121700 2957121701 2957107200 2901108400 2906009400 2957100600 290157100 2957121800 2901145300 2906009500 2906571710 290605710 1619756000 1257186902 1619733300 1619759600 2901145300 2901145400 1622375980 2906009600 2957135710 2957184500 2957121900 1 0571 7120 1 0571 7178 1 0571 7173 1 0571 7151 1 0571 7104 157162110 157162114 157162104 157150506 290657100 290657100 290657100 295711501 295711601 295711701 1614873800 1614873900 2957124600 29571 0571 2957109800 2906 0571 00 2906056700 290605710 2906571000 2906571100 2906571300 2906571400 2906571500 2906 0571 00 2904007000 295717400 2904006100 1613913900 162257100 1622001500 1092015400 1622315400 1092571200 1622660800 1621875000 1621574399 1 0571 7133 1 0571 7129 1 0571 7178 1 0571 7107 1 0571 7134 290695710 2906904200 2906957100 290695710 29069 0571 1621875099 29069 0571 1612386900 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2957143200 2957144800 2957152200 2957152300 2957156602 2957174900 2957175000 290157100 2957184001 2957185800 2957199900 2901101200 2957185800 29571100 290325712 290605710 2906009200 29060 0571 29060 0571 2906009400 2906009500 2906009600 29060 0571 2906009800 2906571000 2906571710 2906571200 2906 0571 00 2906 0571 00 2906056500 2906700000 290675710 2908851400 2911001900 291105710 2911011700 2914801200 2914807000 291485710 2914823100 2914823200 2914825700 3214346901 3214623900 3216921404 3222571400 661100571 0571 110006 571823135 571823530 571823532 571823537 571823541 571823545 571884544 571987002 571987803 571991802 571012147 571036118 57157146 571040147 0571 21571 0571 713800 0571 715000 165712800 1613610500 1613688000 1613688401 1613689703 1613730600 1613740700 1613740800 1613800700 1613830300 1613830400 1613839700 1613881001 161395710 1613950300 1613951500 1613954200 1613962500 1613982501 1613984000 1613984100 1613984100 1614624300 1614642300 1614704600 1614704800 1614727300 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one:why oil spilling
First, the compressor seals or seal off the defect information (this kind of as wear and tear, and so forth.) brought on by the oil spill.
2nd, the compressor shaft seal leakage loose guide.
Third, the mixture of area leakage air compressor head, inlet pipe, return pipe joints free. Fourth, the compressor set up procedure to install the belt too limited cause primary bearing dress in. Fifth, the air compressor casting or machining generation procedure is not perfect.
two,When we expertise oil in our compressed air, the separation procedure isn’t really functioning optimally.
There could be a lot of distinct factors for this. Here are the most frequent ones:
As well substantial oil stage
This is a temporary problem. After enough oil has ‘carried over’ and the oil level drops to regular amounts, the carry in excess of stops.
Way too substantial temperatures
If the compressor is operating at large temperatures (100 – a hundred and twenty levels Celsius), it can consequence in an increased oil carry more than price.
Previous separator
With standard operating situations, separators need to have to be replaced really 6000 – 8000 working hours. That is once for every 12 months or after for each 2 years for most compressors.
When the separator gets to be previous, it gets to be ‘saturated’. The CZPT fabric is loaded with oil. It is time to change your separator, in any other case you threat the possibility of an separator failure or collapse!


The advisable components for the worm are hardened steel and bronze for the worm equipment. Nevertheless, relying on the software, unhardened steel worms can run sufficiently and far more economically on forged iron worm gears rated at 50%. In addition to steel and hardened metal, worms are accessible in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are obtainable in steel, hardened metal, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).
The equipment ratio of the worm gear established is established by dividing the variety of enamel of the equipment by the quantity of threads. Consequently, one thread yields larger ratios than multithreading. All ep worm gear bushings have remaining or right thread. ep worm gear sets are accessible in solitary, double, triple and quadruple threads.

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